Podgorica Montenegro

Meet our Greeters

Meet some of our Greeter…

Please note that you cannot book a Greeter; you can only book a Greet :-).

Ádám Hörömpöli

Bio: ---

Interest: Restaurants, History, Parks

Kerim Medjedovic

Bio: Kerim was born in Titograd, and now lives in Podgorica. That is the original name (pod- „under“, „at the foot of“ Gorica hill), which was changed after WWII and glorious victory of Partisans led by Marshal Tito. In his honor, the town was renamed, but also the town, old fashioned Ottoman – mountain Montenegro fashioned town and after 75 bombardments during the war, become Montenegrin Capital and flourished to a modern town with wide boulevards, green areas and cultural institutions. The name was again changed back to old one in 1991 on referendum, when I was 18, and – the new so called „AB“ revolution happened and the new change took place... I want to share my experience of that change, but also of history of town in „4 periods“ – „4 quadrants“, and of course, of special places, people and experiences.

Interest: Architecture, History, Culture